Black Computer - D100 & L100

All-in-one security solution that provides comprehensive protection coverage for organisations. A revolutionary change in the way critical infrastructures are being protected against cyber-attacks today.

ONE Computer - TWO Operating Systems, TWO ‍‍‍Networks

The Black Computer is a uniquely designed to provide robust security and convenience, it has two securely segregated workspaces, allowing users to work in both a trusted (Intranet) and untrusted (Internet) environment at the same time. Unlike standard protection which starts at the software platform, the Black Computer offers protection at the hardware level (akin to Air Gapping), with the ability to enforce network isolation to guard against any cyber exploitation.

This dual system with built-in advanced malware protection technology eliminates the hassle of requiring two separate computers for different work needs, while offering enterprises an effective end-point protection.

In the current cyber threat landscape, attackers are easily bypassing perimeter defence tools such as antivirus and firewalls, leveraging software and plug-in vulnerabilities to infect endpoints and ultimately reach cor‍‍‍porate networks. So, ISOLATION IS THE BEST STRATEGY.

Helps Government agencies & Enterprises who find Internet separation cumbersome

Protects the Trusted Network from external attacks; Guards against insider threats

Self-recovers to brand new state with reset-on-boot feature

Available in Laptop (L100) & Desktop (D100) versions


Performs Network Isolation

Dual operating system that allows users to surf both the internet and work on intranet sites securely through its hardware-defined segregation technology.

Remote Management and Forensics

Manage and push down policies from the backend such as dynamic whi‍‍‍te listing of USBs and performing remote forensic from the command centre immediately upon detection of threats.

Security Layered Approach

‍‍‍Security embedded at secured BIOS level. Multiple security approac‍‍‍hes like GeoIP, Intrusion Detection System, encryption are adopted to offer layered defences, ensuring security and convenience at the highest level.

Clean OS after every reboot

‍‍‍Reset-on-Boot feature that enables open‍‍‍ system to get back to clean state.

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