Military Grade Laptop for All Use

Continued performance in case of extreme weather or severe external attack, the Nexstgo PRIMUS is reliable and hardy as a commercial option even in harsh environments

Built Strong, Built Reliable with Stand out Distinctive Design

Nexstgo Primus NX101 & NX 201 laptops are made from an ultra-light premium magnesium aluminium alloy, and both models are highly portable and strong. Built with world-class quality and reliability, Primus gives you confidence and assurance for your IT investment.

Affordable laptop for rugged use, passes US military specifications

Ultra-light, but high-strength body made of metal alloy that gives rock solid durability

Proprietar‍‍‍y sound system, long lasting battery with facial/fingerprint authentication

Sleek, functional design that bodes well for both industrial & corporate environments


Rock Solid Durability

Passes 12 military specification standards. Withstands hardships ‍‍‍rangin‍‍‍g from extreme temperatures, shocks & vibrations, sand/dust and water.

Perfect indoor/outdoor Video Conference

‍‍‍‍‍‍With proprietary speaker technology‍‍‍, Primus takes business laptop audio to new levels with wide dynamic range and optimisation for human voices at the best resolution and clarity.

Built to Last Longer

‍‍‍Comes with a high-quality battery that lasts up to 12-hours.  The Primus NX101 a‍‍‍nd NX201 are designed for business mobility and flexibility.

Secured & Safe access

Nexstgo Primus notebooks feature full support for Windows Hello for Business, replacing passwords with strong two-factor authentication using facial recognition and fingerprint reading.

Laptop for ruggedness & durability in demanding environments.  For a no oblig‍‍‍ation Quote