AMD-3875 12 Lead Interpretive ECG For PC

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The AMD-3875 12 Lead Interpretative Electrocardiogram (ECG) for PC combines unparalleled ease-of-use, flexibility and portability in primary care, pediatrics, and cardiology applications. When connected to the serial port of a PC, this 12 Lead ECG converts any Windows® 98/NT platform into a real time 12 Lead ECG machine with Interpretation.


  • Length: 7.10"
  • Width: 5"
  • Height: .88"
  • Weight: 11oz
  • Power / Electrical: Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
  • Intended Use: Resting Electrocardiogram
  • Anatomical Sites: Non-invasive device, 12-lead electrocardiogram
  • Safety Characteristics: Patient electrically isolated from mains.Patient leakage current
  • 10uA Ground leakage current 50uA
  • ECG Acquisition: Simultaneous 12-lead Patient Connection: 10-lead patient cable with RFI filter, defibrillator protection and patient isolation.Input impedence >100 MohmFrequency response 0.05-150
  • HzSensitivity: 5, 10, 20mm/mVADC resolution 2.44uV/bit
  • Analysis & Measurement: Telemed Electrocardiogram
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