AMD-950 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera NW6

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AMD presents this Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera NW6, an indispensable tool in the early detection and diagnosis of eye diseases such as diabetes related diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Ideal for telemedicine programs with a focus on primary care or ophthalmology.

The AMD-950 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera produces crisp, clear images of the retina and all related anatomy such as the macula, rods and vascular system with uniform exposure from the center to the periphery of the retina in a 45° field of view. The built-in chin rest assures patient stabilization to capture high quality images. The optical alignment and focus indicators are in constant view of the operator for easy alignment and focusing of subject image. Blink detection avoids faulty image capture. Enhanced image magnification is available with a 30 degree field of view option. The AMD-950 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera is available with a host of options for image capture and printing. AMD's technicians support product installation and integration into your telemedicine program across a wide variety of telecom platforms. The AMD-950 is an outstanding choice for the primary care or ophthalmology directed telemedicine program with a need to capture images of the retina, macula, rods or vascular system of the eye, or which has a focus on glaucoma screening or diabetes screening through detection of diabetic retinopathy.


  • Angle of Coverage: 45, and 30 degrees (switchable with a lever)
  • Working Distance: 42mm
  • Pupil Diameter for Photography: 4.0mm or more
  • Patient Diopter Correction Range: Without correction lens: -15D to +12D (where split lines are used), With minus correction lens: -14D to -37D, With plus correction lens: +11D to +41D
  • Pupil Positioning: The anterior portion of the eye can be observed. (A scale is provided to check the pupil for diameter and to position the pupil.)
  • Focusing: By split lines to be focused on the retina
  • Setting the Working Distance: With 2 bright spots
  • Fixation Target: Internal target (2 fixed points, automatic direction of horizontal movement and picture angle switching ) or External target - selectable
  • Data Picturing: Simultaneously nameplate imaging
  • Light Source: Halogen lamp for observation 8V 50W Xenon lamp for photography DC280V, 300W sec
  • Automatic Shut-off Mechanism: Power-saving system
  • TV Camera: CCD camera
  • Video Monitor: 5.7 inch color LCD monitor
  • Cross-slide Movement: Coarse-80mm longitudinally, 90mm horizontally. Fine-12mm longitudinally and horizontally
  • Cross-slide Verical Travel: 30mm
  • Chinrest Verical Travel: 60mm
  • Power Source: Frequency 50/60 Hz, Voltage AC 100, 120, 220, 240 V selectable
  • Weight: Body: 24.7kg., TV relay lens: 1.1kg
  • Dimensions: 304mm (W) x 567mm (D) x 606mm (H) with Polaroid attachment
  • Power Consumption: 330VA (Maximum) 140VA (normal)
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