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Where Next With Cloud Security?

As we head toward 2020, cloud computing security continues to generate interest around the globe. With an exponential growth in enterprise important data moving to the cloud, and gush in cyber attacks occurring at the same time, what protection steps are leading organizations taking now? How are professional securities practices being roll out immediately by federal, state and local governments to ensure compliance? 

The most common is cloud email security solutions.

They are secure email platforms used to prevent phishing scams that trick users into divulging privileged information. The platforms, hosted by the cloud email security vendor, also ensure emails containing links to malicious sites or trigger malware downloads are blocked before reaching the end user. Businesses use cloud email security solutions to prevent data loss and the release of privileges or credentials, and increase endpoint security by blocking malware and other web-based threats.

These tools emerged as portions of the secure email gateway market have adapted to the digital transformation and reduced the need for on-premise email security tools and appliances. There is some overlap between cloud email security tools and email anti-spam software and email encryption software, but those tooly typically serve one single purpose and may be delivered in both cloud and on-premise forms.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cloud Email Security category, a product must:

Provide cloud-hosted email services
Filter fraudulent emails and phishing scams
Prevent and detect spam and other malicious email content
Proofpoint Email Protection solutions—deployed as a cloud service or on premises—protect against malware and threats that don't involve malware, including impostor email, or business email compromise (BEC). Granular email filtering controls spam, bulk "graymail" and other unwanted email. And continuity capabilities keep email communications flowing when your email server fails.

Next, due to the outbreak of virus around the globe and lock down circumstances. Work-from-home has become a common scenario.


The Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ Series (WedgeARP) sets new industry benchmarks for performance and EverGreen Security™ with a family of virtualized and self orchestrated products to protect your network in real-time, with unbounded innovation.

Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection - WedgeARP™, has the deepest visibility of network data in the industry; possessing an unmatched ability to defend against malicious attacks that are undetectable with shallow inspection techniques. It delivers the highest real-time performance through a software implementation that is portable to all x86 servers.

Trained with nearly 1 billion threat samples, its automated and continually-learning embedded artificial neural network can detect never-before-seen malware in milliseconds. As an orchestrated threat management platform, it is a novel approach that provides real-time large scale security implementations with effective threat management services.