TeleMed & EMR

hospital solution

The hospital solution project is composed of an electronic medical records, electronic health records and medication records, in the area of patient room, nursing room, doctor decision room, ICU and emergency room with workstation on wheel, wall mounted workstation and ease of sharing, which mainly realizes the functions of information on the go, decision making and emergency event discussion and information release.

Below table categorize the types of hospital area against the recommended devices need.

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CareFit™ Pro Cart, LiFe Powered

Full-Featured Medical Cart

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Designed for Caregivers

Power medical carts to last longer so they’re ready when you need them most. A unique magnetic alignment feature supports an easy swapping process. It’s all about providing the safety, reliability and ease-of-use needed to power life-changing care.…

Temperature Sensor Door Access with SafeEntry App.

Temperature Sensor Door Access with SafeEntry App for:

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