22MILES Publisher Pro Full Introduction -- Media, 3D Wayfinding, and Mobile App

The next generation digital signage system needs to be off-the-shelf ready. So the novice users and professional designers don't need a manual to create compiling projects. Use 22Miles Publisher Pro to create, edit and manage content for digital signage, interactive screen, 3D wayfinding and your enterprise mobile application.

Waytouch Premier™ - 3D Wayfinding Digital Signage

This is the World's Best Pinch and Zoom Interactive 3D mapping and wayfinding digital signage solution. A powerful application for campuses, hospitals or facilities with multiple destinations. Comes with customized built-in on screen touch keyboard for quick destination searching, turn by turn wayfinding directions, dynamic pop ups with panorama and video capabilities, and all TouchPlus™ features!

22Miles: Create Your Own Enterprise Mobile App with 3D Wayfinding

Create your own Enterprise Mobile App with 3D wayfinding with 22Miles Digital Signage and Wayfinding Platform. Get full control of your mobile app from interface, data, and integration. Update content without recompile your app.
Wayfinding Application Software - MWFS-WFAS

22miles Wayfinding Application Software

3D Mobile Wayfinding SDK (Android) MWFS-MWFSDK-AND

22miles 3D Mobile Wayfinding SDK - Android

3D Mobile Wayfinding SDK (IOS) MWFS-MWFSDK-IOS

22miles 3D Mobile Wayfinding SDK - IOS

22miles 3D Mobile AR Plug in

22miles 3D Mobile AR Plug in