Aten video matrix switch

Video Matrix Switches

For Aten Video Matrix 8x8 or 16x16

The ATEN Video Matrix Control App is a free app that supports iOS and Android operating systems.
It provides intuitive operation with direct access to manage ATEN Modular Matrix and Video Matrix Switches via a mobile device, making AV matrix control even easier than before.
Features include:
- Simple Login: Auto search for devices and tap any Video Matrix to log in.
- Easy Profile Change: Flick between multiple layouts as well as apply a new profile via visualized Profile ID.
- Instant Source Switching: Switch input sources on-the-go via graphical layout preview.
- Audio Control: Turn on/off or embed/de-embed audio with ease.
- Firmware Update Reminder: Keeps you posted about the latest updates.

ATEN | Modular matrix switches VM3200 / VM1600

Media distribution from up to 32 sources to 32 screens regardless of OS, interface or software used. Process videowalls and multiple resolutions while switching Seamless. Control the entire setup from a webGUI or through ethernet, serial or IR signals.
ATEN's VM3200 modular matrix webGUI can visualize live images of the content being displayed on each screen, making it very easy to manage a multitude of sources and connection profiles. ATEN matrix switches are installed in many sportsbars, hotels, restaurants, control rooms, live studios, digital signage setups and many more installations.


Matrix Switch VM51616H

Aten HDMI Matrix Switch VM51616H

Matrix Switch VM5808H

Aten HDMI Matrix Switch VM5808H

Matrix Switch VM5404H

Aten HDMI Matrix Switch VM5404H

Matrix Switch VM0808HA

Aten HDMI Matrix Switch VM0808HA

Matrix Switch VM0404HA

Aten HDMI Matrix Switch VM0404HA

Output Card VM8804

Aten HDMI Output Card

Input Card VM7804

Aten HDMI Input Card

Aten VGA/HDMI/DVI Modular HDMI Matrix Switch

Aten VGA/HDMI/DVI Modular HDMI Matrix Switch

Matrix Switch VM1600A

Aten VGA/HDMI/DVI Modular HDMI Matrix Switch