About Us

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Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd started in 2009 on a simple concept: To sell Mobile Digital Platform Solution to customers. The solutions are Mobility with Security, Mobility with Productivity, Mobility in Virtual World, Mobility with Green and Mobility with Peace of mind.


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd provides an integrated solution to build your mobile environment for your businesses to ease the high cost of rental and human capital with the added ability to steer your business and make important decision.


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd understands customers’ needs and efficiently provide the most effective mobile computing solutions. It aligns itself with best-breed partners to deliver the best capabilities, service and superior buying and after-sales experiences to meet specific customers’ requirements. It has added major companies from Healthcare, Education, Defence and Hotel organizations into its customer list. Our online store has wide selection set by Security, Wireless, Storage with Remote Data Access, Mobile Workspace and Mobility with Peace of Mind.



Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd Key Differenciators


1.       Our people make the difference


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd has a pool of experienced staff to work hand-in-hand. We will field the team; Account Managers and Solution Consultants will be working closely with your team. There is a little need to learn or build rapport in understanding each team’s working styles.


2.       Excellent Track Record of being Service-Oriented


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd exceptional service level has been recognized and appreciated by many company all over Singapore. Our team always takes the initiative and ownership of investigating issues. We test and monitor on several combinations of SW and HW possibilities before concluding complete resolution of the issue.


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd.’s exceptional performance demonstrates the dedication and superb execution of a better way of doing business by our people. Our business is a model for customer focus, growth and profitability.


Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd Vision


1.       To create Mobile Digital Platform Solution for businesses

2.       To create engaging Learning Spaces.

3.       To create engaging Digital Information Display spaces