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Our Passion to Exceed Expectation 


Our values are our guidelines on how we perform and conduct ourselves to fulfill our goals.  It is our foundation that directs us toward positive and profitable outcome. We develop and hone skills of individuals to broaden horizons. We believe an environment that fosters harmony, positive outlook and respect to each character results into high levels of motivation to be productive.

About us

Mobile Workforce Solution Pte Ltd started in 2009 with Mobile Digital Platform Solution to customers.

Now in 2020 we were able to build expertise and top in the game for:


1. Customized Control

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION offer cost efficient control systems that unify major technologies brands (devices like Video matrix, Audio, Lighting, Curtain, Aircon system, Conferencing and Booking system)  in buildings space so they can work together intelligently with single tablet control for Board Room and Command Center, which lowers costs and boosts efficiency. Our special distributed Control architecture enables the multi-tasking essential to a complete working space control solution. Up to 7 programs and 12 devices can operate stand alone and, instant communicate and simultaneously with each other. Code is organized into a user friendly programs, so programming, troubleshooting, and uploading are much faster and easier.


2. Smart Interactive for Collaborative Work or Signage (3D WayFinder and AR Mobile Wayfinder)

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION were able to build a team of expertise to deliver smart interactive digital signage to schools and healthcare.  Digital age environment today continually evolve with wow factor modernizations, innovation and interactive way to communicate between employees around the school campus or large corporation. Meeting the needs with multimedia communications platform that boost guest, visitor engagements and corporate staff with immediate message updates, room booking integrations, feature signage, Virtual receptionist, and interactive 3D way-finder experience on all digital devices.  This is the future of Smart Building going paperless is a key green initiative for the interactive signage.


3. Office transformation

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION transform your traditional workplace to ergonomic office, Customized Control, Video conferencing and Resource Sharing of meeting Space. Our "Workplace Revolution" 'Work' as we know it is being transform rapidly. The organizations of the future are likely to be unidentifiable from the corporate we know today, and the way we engage with them will be radically different.  Workplace Revolution make this future possible by using proof of workable solution, knowledge and future health & wellness to engage deeply with our Clients. We envision future business and workforce scenarios for the digital age, to identify and optimize workspace associated with the transformation of digital world of ergonomic, crafting a uniquely stand to work for Our Clients.

Plan for change. Meet the future with confidence.

4. Medical EMR and Tele-Medicine

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION involve with the Medical digital transformation in Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record since 2010.  We were able to build expertise with customized design in the medical and Digitization cart to fit the integration of digitization for the health profession access to instant record and ability to execute they role at efficiently.  We have knowledge and integrate various configuration of Mobility Medical cart with digital medical devices.


5. Track and Trace (Command Centre)

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION can offer the most cost effective design and build small to mid-size command center.  We offer free advises to customer from our team of 5 years expertise in command center design and build. A command center (often called a war room) is any place that is used to provide centralized command for some purpose.  While frequently considered to be a military facility, these can be used in many other cases by governments or businesses. The term "war room" is also often used in politics to refer to teams of communications people who monitor and listen to the media and the public, respond to inquiries, and synthesize opinions to determine the best course of action.  If all functions of a command center are located in a single room this is often referred to as a control room.  A command center enables an organization to function as designed, to perform day-to-day operations regardless of what is happening around it, in a manner in which no one realizes it is there but everyone knows who is in charge when there is trouble.  Conceptually, a command center is a source of leadership and guidance to ensure that service and order is maintained, rather than an information center or help desk. Its tasks are achieved by monitoring the environment and reacting to events, from the relatively harmless to a major crisis, using predefined procedures.


6. Network and Security

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION  offer end point cloud security to protect the baseline of all the technology user with mobility devices.

This include Proofpoint secure email platforms used to prevent phishing scams that trick users into divulging privileged information. The platforms, hosted by the cloud email security vendor, also ensure emails containing links to malicious sites or trigger malware downloads are blocked before reaching the end user. Businesses use cloud email security solutions to prevent data loss and the release of privileges or credentials, and increase endpoint security by blocking malware and other web-based threats.

Another, due to the outbreak of virus around the globe and lock down circumstances. Work-from-home has become a common scenario.Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection - WedgeARP™, has the deepest visibility of network data in the industry; possessing an unmatched ability to defend against malicious attacks that are undetectable with shallow inspection techniques. It delivers the highest real-time performance through a software implementation that is portable to all x86 servers.

 7. Services and Maintenance

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION were able to build our 24x7x4 services and support services due to our involvement is multiple essential services that we provide to hospital and other government agency.

Mobile Workforce Solution Key Differenciators


1.Our people make the difference


Mobile Workforce Solution has a pool of experienced staff to work hand-in-hand. We will field the team; Account Managers and Solution Consultants will be working closely with your team. There is a little need to learn or build rapport in understanding each team’s working styles.


2. Excellent Track Record of being Service-Oriented


Mobile Workforce Solution exceptional service level has been recognized and appreciated by many company all over Singapore. Our team always takes the initiative and ownership of investigating issues. We test and monitor on several combinations of SW and HW possibilities before concluding complete resolution of the issue.

Mobile Workforce Solution exceptional performance demonstrates the dedication and superb execution of a better way of doing business by our people. Our business is a model for customer focus, growth and profitability.