The following meeting rooms are needed for ACL meetings:

  • 1 room seating at least 750 people for plenary sessions, for the conference days
  • ACL has parallel sessions. Thus 2-3 additional rooms are needed for the main conference days, each seating approximately 250 people.
  • 3—4 smaller rooms (between 15 and 40) for the day of the tutorials (usually prior to main conference)
  • approximately 10-12 smaller rooms for workshops, on the day before the tutorials and/or the day(s) after the conference. Although most workshop rooms need only accommodate 40-60 people, a few will need to be much larger (approximately 100+ people).
  • 1 or 2 smaller rooms (about 15 people, with a boardroom style table) for the ACL Exec and other (breakout) meetings, on the day before and during the conference
  • registration space outside main conference rooms, with a phone line, a printer, and internet access if possible; locakable or close to a lockable space
  • 1 large exhibit space with power, lockable, if possible with one or more internet lines

Exact space requirements and uses should be discussed with the General and Program Chairs.