mobile workforce control systems

MOBILE WORKFORCE SOLUTION offer cost efficient control systems that unify major technologies brands (devices like Video matrix, Audio, Lighting, Curtain, Aircon system, Conferencing and Booking system)  in buildings space so they can work together intelligently with single tablet control for Board Room and Command Center, which lowers costs and boosts efficiency. Our special distributed Control architecture enables the multi-tasking essential to a complete working space control solution. Up to 7 programs and 12 devices can operate stand alone and, instant communicate and simultaneously with each other. Code is organized into a user friendly programs, so programming, troubleshooting, and uploading are much faster and easier.



ATEN Shows the VP2730, VK2100 and VK108US Control Keypads

InfoComm 2019: ATEN Shows the VP2730, VK2100 and VK108US Control Keypads
Control System VK1100

Aten Control System VK1100

Control System VK2100

Aten Control System VK2100

HDMI Extender 60m SC-AV602H

HDMI Extender Cable RX - TX

Programming Services 11-001-111P

VK2100 Programming Services