Carts Accessories


97-544 NF Cart Wire Basket Kit


97-545 NF Cart Basket and Handle Kit


97-546 NF Cart Vertical Laptop Kit


97-565 SV40 Basket and Handle Kit


97-585 TeachWell® MDW Laptop Kit


97-586 TeachWell® MDW LCD Kit


97-605 WorkFit Convert-to-LCD & Laptop Kit from Single HD


97-606 WorkFit Convert-to-Dual Kit from Single HD


97-607 WorkFit-C Convert-to-Single HD Kit from Dual or LCD & Laptop


97-615 Tall-User Kit for WorkFit Dual


97-616 WorkFit Convert-to-Dual Kit from LCD & Laptop, for WorkFit-S or WorkFit-C


97-617 WorkFit Convert-to-LCD & Laptop Kit from Dual Displays, for WorkFit-S or WorkFit-C


97-631 SV T-Nut Kit


97-632 SV IV Pole Clamp Kit


97-650 Pan Pivot Kit for SV LCD Cart


97-702 K-Slot Lock Kit


97-735 Security Bracket kit, TCC refresh.


97-740 StyleView Storage Bin


97-747 Kit, USB 2.0, 6-ft Cable, Accessory


97-750 Kit, DVI Dual Link Cable, 10-ft, Accessory